Acton Snow Removal Services

“For less then a cup of coffee a day we got you covered for the full winter season stay in and stay warm”

Acton Snow Removal Services

As snow removal is a significant part of community life, you need to be prepared in advance so as not to disrupt your daily routine. As a professional company undertaking this winter service, Spring Man Canada is one of Acton’s most trusted snow and ice removal service providers. With our years of experience, we have developed snow management strategies that ensure we deliver in the shortest time possible.

At Spring Man Canada, we believe in reacting quickly to any storms and weather changes to ensure your safety when you need us most. We are consistently optimizing our schedules to fit the weather patterns to ensure that residents of Acton and the surrounding area have reliable service even in the toughest of conditions. Our expert technicians are trained and equipped to help you stay warm, safe and on time by battling the winter elements on your behalf.

Our technicians are ready to unblock your home’s access roads efficiently using our well-maintained and modern equipment. We have around-the-clock service to ensure whenever you need us; we are there.

Spring Man Canada
Spring Man Canada

Driveway Snow Removal
Spring Man Canada customers in Acton enjoy 24-hour snow removal services comprising of shovelling, snow plowing, sanding, and salting. We not only remove the snow, but we also ensure that your drainage doesn’t have ice walls and is not blocked or damaged in the process.

Walkway Snow Removal
We are not just experts in clearing large areas covered with tarmac, using hand-operated snow blowers and old-fashioned shovelling trowels, we can open any complex pathways surrounding your property. Our expertly trained team also pays careful attention and ensures that all walkways are carefully cleared to reduce the risk of accidents.

Trust our professional snow removal crews. They will ensure safe passage for anyone passing by your property and ensure your land is maintained in the best possible condition. We have affordable snow removal prices designed to cater to your needs, call us today to plan ahead of the coming storm.

Why pick Spring Man Canada for snow removal services in Brampton

Experienced and Affordable

Looking for a reliable, professional, Affordable and trust worthy snow removal company. Many years in business. We have fully loaded trucks with heavy duty commercial grade plows to get the finest cut by: SNOWAY. Down pressure technology back drag to removal all snow off your property. Including walkways and front door steps.

Latest Equipments

All new rigs so no rusty or loud trucks on your driveway. Spring Man Canada comes at 3am we drop the plow you don’t hear us and we go. All of our plows have rubberized blades so your interlocking, patio concrete or asphalt driveway will not get damaged.

Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed and insured up to 3 million. All of our salt is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly, pre-wetted and fast acting, ideal for extremely low temperatures. All of our trucks are running 24/7 plus side crews for any reason if our trucks break down as a back-up. Fast map planning technology for quicker service.

On-Call service

Spring Man Canada does On-Call service anytime 24/7 Text/ Call/ Email during snow days. Don’t go out in the cold and shovel it yourself risking slip and falls, dealing with the freezing cold let us do the work for you.


For Less then a coffee a day we got you covered 24/7 for the whole snow winter season so stay in and stay warm.

So, please contact us with a free no obligation quote. Find out why so many Brampton residents count on us for all of their snow removal needs. Please call (416) 735 – 9467

Monitoring the snow fall weather

Spring Man Canada uses the latest up-to-date weather forecasts and radar tracking information to prepare strategic operation decisions, our dedicated snow team is constantly monitoring and planning for every snow event. When inclement winter weather is forecasted or we are in the midst of a major snow event we make sure that you are kept up-to-date through our Winter Operations Updates. We take snow management seriously and think it’s important that you know how much we care by keeping you informed along the way.

Spring Man Canada

Planning for snow removal

When preparing your custom snow and ice management solution, Spring Man Canada make it our priority to review your property with you, detailing the service you require into our site engineering planning process.

Spring Man Canada

Spring Man Canada snow removal experience

Spring Man Canada’s years of industry experience have taught us that there are certain basic services that most customers expect from their snow and ice management providers. That is why we are driven to service our customers using a pro-active approach to the winter season. Planning months in advance we ensure that we are fully prepared to not only manage the needs of your site, but to do it safely and reliably.

Residential services

If you live in a detached house, townhouse or duplex, we’ll get you going with:

  • Driveway clearing
  • Walkway clearing
  • Ice removal
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Stair shoveling
  • Ramp cleaning

Areas Serviced

When it’s snowy and icy – but you just have to get on your way – call us.
No matter where you are in Brampton, we’ll be there with prompt ice and snow removal.

Spring Man Canada

Plenty of jobs finished with Satisfaction! No job too big or too small!