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How we sod?

Remove Grass

We remove the old grass with a sod cutter machine that strips the old grass and weeds to soil level so all the weeds and grass gets removed.

Level Surface

We level the surface by adding good quality soil and adding soil to the areas where is low and where more soil is needed.


We add good quality soil so the grass can catch smooth and nicely with the roots of the turf.

Level Topsoil

We level the topsoil with rakes and smooth the soil so its leveled and the water flows away from the house.

Place grass on topsoil

We place the 9 sqft Kentucky bluegrass rolls in a pattern and roll them out as close as possible so there is no gaps in between the sod and the soil.

Level grass

We level the grass with a heavy watered roller so the ground is levelled and smooth and the roots of the Kentucky blue grass sod is perfectly settled.

Water grass

We water after the grass is rolled so its moist and we get the best results.

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Spring Man Canada Sodding Services

Since 2009, Spring Man Canada has been providing sodding services to residents of Mississauga Brampton, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Markham, Oakville, Burlington, Whitby, Hamilton, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As one of the leaders in the landscaping industry, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

As an industry leader, we are committed to offering our customers quality services at competitive prices. Our high-quality sodding services ensure that your lawn is visually appealing regardless of the challenges you may encounter such as drainage issues, extensive weeds or poor soils.

Using only quality grass from the best sod farms, we guarantee our customers of an aesthetically appealing and long-lasting lawn care experience.

What is Sodding?
Sodding is the process of lawn grass replacement with rolls of turf. A sod roll is grass and the part of the soil beneath held together by its roots or another piece of thin material. The sod roll is grown in a sod farm and helps property owners to have a fully-grown lawn from the first day without going through the whole process of planting seeds and waiting for them to mature.

Why Sodding?
At Spring Man Canada, we recommend sodding to all our property owners over growing your own grass. This recommendation is made because the effects of sodding are instant. From a mud patch to a beautiful green lawn in a day, turf allows for the fast transformation of bare and exposed soil.

Advantages of Sodding
Sod is a mature plant which you cannot compare to grass seeds. For turf to be considered mature, it takes a year of nurturing, from seed to maturity. Planting seeds, on the other hand, is time-consuming and labour-intensive. The risk of your seeds being washed out after a storm and suffering total loss are high.

Sod is an instant green lush lawn. Seeds are just seeds. Placing sod on your yard has an immediate effect as it changes your landscape immediately. Seeds, however, take time to grow and mature. Although you may eventually get your seeds to grow to maturity, they do not have that instant aesthetic appeal.

To get your seeds started, you need to plant them with top quality soils. However, with sod, you do not require quality soils as the grass is already mature. Sodding requires only watering for it to thrive, seeds need herbicides and fertilizer to mature.

Although it is your discretion to choose what to do with your lawn, at Spring Man Canada, we find sodding a no brainer. It’s easy to maintain, keeps off the mud from the house and helps stop washouts during severe storms.

Our sodding services are affordable, with on-site quotes done to ensure that our estimate is accurate. As we value our customer satisfaction, our trained and professional technicians will provide you with tips on the best lawn care methods including watering and fertilizer application. In case of any technical issue, do not hesitate to contact our technicians who are more than eager to help you have a lush, thick, green, and healthy lawn.

What type of grass we use and install for our clients:

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is what’s known as a perennial, cool-season lawn grass. This means it comes back year after year and grows most vigorously during the cool seasons of fall and spring. Compared to tall fescue grass, traditionally Kentucky bluegrass varieties have relatively shallow roots, which typically lead to lower tolerances for heat and drought. KBG has the greatest cold hardiness of all the common cool – season lawn grasses. Part of the charm of a healthy Kentucky bluegrass lawn is its rich emerald to blue green colour. Add to that its medium to fine texture, and a KBG lawn is both beautiful to look at and comfortable for bare feet.

Mowing Wing

Mowing wing the most important part of the mowing is never remove more than one-third of the plant. doing all of this causes the slow root growth and loss of colour of the sod. When grass is mowed often and at its proper height, it’s important which direction you mow your lawn. if you mow the same direction causes the blades to lean, then makes the clean cut a better cut. you have to sharpen your blade once a month because when you have a dull blade will cause tearing of the grass which makes the grass much harder to mow your lawn and looses colour.

Watering Your Grass

Morning is the best time to water grass .and avoid watering frequent short term watering in the night. And watering the grass in afternoon wastes water through evaporation and the heat because the sun keeps hitting the grass.


fertilize your lawn once a month using a 21-7-7 or similar ratio. If doesn’t rain you can skip an application on the fertilizer. the most important fertilizer application is the one in the early spring. Kentucky bluegrass is very active with its growth period during this time. Fertilizing in early spring gives your lawn the full benefits of the nutrients during the entire time it is growing.

Our Service Technicians

Having any problems installing your sod, technical problems with Sodding your lawn or damaged sod. We have technician crews minutes away we will send them out to your property to assess the problem when you call us or email.