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Our work crews are certified arborists with the professional equipment and experience to remove unsightly and hazardous tree stumps and their roots from your property. We offer stump removal services at an affordable cost done on your schedule and to the specifications of your landscape and needs.

Once a tree is gone, the stump serves no purpose and has no value to its owner or surrounding environment. Stumps can include any type of tree remnants including leftover tree trunks and above-ground tree roots that span in all directions. Some property owners may attempt to remove tree stumps on their own, but unless you have the right tools and experience, it’s not recommended. That’s because tree stump removal requires specialized equipment that can be dangerous to operate without proper training.

There’s also plenty of technique involved in tree stump removal to make sure it’s taken out completely and you’re not causing damage to the surrounding environment. All trees have a root system underground, and removing only the stump can present a problem in the case you ever want to do some digging around for gardening, home renovation or other needs. It’s also important to know that there is no tree stump removal “hack” or trick you can do that doesn’t come with inherent risks to your property or person. Like other dedicated landscaping jobs, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals — who can save you time and trouble while making your property look its best.

Why Stump Removal?

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to remove tree stumps from your grounds. For one, tree stumps are unsightly and can put a damper on the appearance of your yard or property. They also harbor pests such as termites and other insects that can spread to the surrounding plants, trees, and landscape. Neglected stumps may also continue growing, but nothing in the likes of a beautiful tree. Anything growing out of a stump will be limited to shoots and weeds, which aren’t pretty to look at and take away nutrients from surrounding soil.

Rotting wood is also the perfect environment for mold growth, which can spread to surrounding plants and cause disease. And especially in the case of a family household, a stump can be a trip-and-fall hazard that gets in the way of enjoying every inch of your property.

Our Stump Removal Process

Working with Spring Man Canada ensures hassle-free stump removal with full consideration of what’s best for your property and budget. We perform stump removal and stump grinding using specialized tools operated by experienced professionals. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to grind stumps down to a full foot below the surface. The resulting hole is filled with the stump’s mulch, and with proper lawn care, it’s like the stump was never there.

We begin by measuring the stump and determining the required depth for optimal removal. If significant digging is required to fully remove the stump, we’ll file an application with the city for information on any nearby utility lines at no additional cost to you.

Once the digging is approved, we’ll grind the stump with specialized equipment down to a pre-determined depth, removing the entire stump and any surface roots in the process. After the stump is gone, the hole is filled with the mulch produced by grinding the stump, which will then break down and turn into the soil all on its own. You may also choose to add topsoil at a designated depth or in line with what’s best for the surrounding lawn and environment to complete your landscaping.

Our Stump Removal Service Technicians

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