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Our sprinklers systems will give you a green, thick, and healthy lawn and garden growth! We use industry leaders known for quality and innovation to supply us with the sprinklers components – Hunter Industries or Rainbird.
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Spring Man Canada


We Provide sodding services all across Ontario, including Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, North York, Maple, Thornhill, Scarborough, Georgetown, Toronto and GTA. We’ll help you install your brand new lawn.
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Spring Man Canada

Snow Removal

Spring Man Canada Snow removal in Mississauga and Brampton residential snow removal. Spring Man Canada are reliable snow removal professionals that you can count on each snow fall that falls.
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Spring Man Canada

Junk Removal

“SpringManCanada will remove and dispose junk and trash fast and eco-friendly most trusted source for reputable junk removal professionals“
Upfront pricing zero hidden fees no gas fees and extra cost you tell us what you need moved, disposed, trashed, recycled and will gladly give you a flat quick price.

Spring Man Canada

Tree Removal

 We care deeply about your trees and the benefits they provide however there are times when removal is required. Tree removal can be dangerous and our professional staff have the skills and tools to safely and properly remove your trees.

Interlock Sealing

Springman Canada team has the skills and experience necessary to make your interlock sealing project a breeze. We are a veteran group of sealing, cleaning, and repair professionals with a comprehensive list of services we offer.


Top-Quality Firewood for Sale in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Acton, Brampton, Hamilton, Burlington, Cambridge, Caledon, Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and Many More Surrounding Areas.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration and organic weed control fertilizing will allow your grass to grow, improving soil drainage and eliminate weeds over time.

Spring Man Canada
Spring Man Canada

About Spring Man Canada Inc.

Our company takes one goal into consideration and that is to provide our customers with great product and service. We only succeed when our clients are satisfied with the Lawn Sprinkler, Irrigation Systems that we design and install.


We provide a wide range of landscape services and are in the business to provide our clients with all-around service that includes: Lawn Sprinkler, Irrigation Systems, New grass installation, and other services such as tree planting, garden beds, gravel pathways, landscape lighting, and snow removal.


Why Spring Man Canada Inc.?

Save time

Our sprinkler systems are controlled electronically and are programmed by our technicians to irrigate your property at the best time – in the early morning! They work 24/7 throughout the season so you can focus your time on other priorities like your family or going on a vacation. Don't let your lawn or garden bed suffer of thirst. Time is scarce and we understand that our clients are busy with more important aspects of life. Our sprinklers will free your time!

Save Money

Our sprinkler systems will save you money versus manual watering. Sprinkler systems allow you to water your garden uniformly and effortlessly with the ideal quantity of water. As an example, you can regulate the volume of water that’s needed in a specific area quickly with the a click of a button.

Seamless 1 day install

Our installation crews are experienced, our pipe pulling machinery installs the pipe underground efficiently with little or no damage to your lawn versus hand digging or trenching. No more garden hoses to handle, no visible sprinklers, no tripping hazards, no visual distraction other than your nice, green lawn to look at and enjoy!

Protect The Environment

Our sprinkler systems eliminate the need for pesticides and further maintenance by creating a moist soil condition for your grass and gardens to thrive! Save the environment and money and have safe access to enjoy your lawn and garden by eliminating the need for pesticides and/or fertilizer.

From our clients

Provided reliable service, showed up as scheduled and did an excellent job. Our lawn has never looked better. Thanks to the crew for all their effort on a hot summer day.
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Pereira Family
Too bad the snow is gone I've signed up with spring man for snow removal. Contract is done the guys did an amazing job shoveling my snow and salting my property. I've been with them for 2 years now. Great company honestly very fast and efficient
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Igwe Chiamaka
Beautiful Experience! It'ѕ a grеаt еxреriеnсе with Sрring Mаn Cаnаdа inѕtаlling my ѕрrinklеr ѕуѕtеm. Thеу hаvе the bеѕt crew, they did a grеаt job. I'm a big fan оf thеѕе guys. They've аlwауѕ bееn grеаt, Cоurtеоuѕ, рrоfеѕѕiоnаl аnd fаѕt. i will definitely hire again оr rесоmmеnd nесеѕѕаrу.
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Job Christopher
Your looking for customer service this company is the best and the quickest service ever Thanks Springman
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Jon Linkon
This company exceeded our expectation!! Don’t hesitate to call them. The company is beyond professional people & service . We will enjoy our new lawn for years to come.
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Bill & Jackie
Amazing People

Plenty of jobs finished with Satisfaction! No job too big or too small!