Interlock Sealing

Spring Man Canada Interlock Sealing

Springman Canada team has the skills and experience necessary to make your interlock sealing project a breeze. We are a veteran group of sealing, cleaning, and repair professionals with a comprehensive list of services we offer.

No matter what you need, our skilled team can deliver. Interlocking sealing provides your driveway or path with protection from natural deterioration, dirt, stains, and wear and tear from weather. We also apply a non-slip adhesive finish, ensuring the surface will not become slippery and dangerous.

Our interlock sealing service includes a variety of options like the ability to choose between Natural Look, Matte Finish, and a High Gloss option – perfect for whatever interlocking design and style you have.

Why Choose Spring Man Canada to Apply Your INTERLOCKING SEALING?

Our high quality interlock sealing services are unmatched in the Toronto and surrounding area. Our expert team of cleaning, sealing, and interlock professionals have over dozen years of experience and are highly skilled in the area of interlocking brick and tiles, able to efficiently and effectively seal any surface. Trust the Master Sealer team to take care of your interlock sealing needs and ask for a complimentary quote.

Spring Man Canada offers a variety of other excellent quality services for your landscaping and home or commercial cleaning or repair needs including: Interlock sealing, pattern concrete sealing, interlock cleaning, interlock repairs, interlock installation, pressure washing, gum removal, underground parking garage pressure washing, stamped and pattern concrete sealing, concrete washing cleaning, driveway sealing, flagstone washing cleaning, flagstone sealing, and other customized services to meet your needs.

There are various applications for installing an Interlock Sealing.

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Pressure Washing

Using Commerical Pressure Washers and Chemicals if necessary we remove any Weeds, Moss, Rust, Oil and Dirt.
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Polymeric Sand Application

Application of Polymeric Sand for prevention of weed growth, insect mining and water erosion. Crucial part of the process as it holds the pavers together and prevents shifting.
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Seal Coating

A protective layer of premium commercial grade sealer is applied on the surface for best results.

Our Service Technicians

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